Sunday, January 30, 2011

Back to School!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow it back to school day!  Well technically I've been back for a week - staff week. But tomorrow the real fun begins! Back to thinking for 25 people! Ooooh I can't wait! I love the start of the new year, new books, pencils that haven't been used, the smell of new plastic, new kids! A whole new mix of strengths, personalities and needs completely different to any of the other 7 years I've taught. Although I plan to start the first day back exactly the same as I have the last 4, who knows how it will go!

I have done this long enough now to know that, though my heart is still in love with my kids from last year and I don't feel like I could ever love another group as much, I will. I will love these guys just as much, there will be helpers, comedians, dreamers, story-tellers, OCD tidiers (thank you Jesus for these ones, this is so not my strength), drama-queens, perfectionists, recluses, performers and they will all pull at my heart. I can't wait! I am up to 199 kids that I have called mine for a year (woah! that's alot!). 199 kids that have melted my heart,  frustrated me, inspired me, kept me awake at night, encouraged me, challenged me, taught me & given me enough hilarious anecdotes to write a book (especially my kindergarten days).

I'm excited that I will finally have something fun to write about again!

Anyway, despite all this excitement there is the real-life side of going back to work too - I have 9 programs to write... so I might try and make a bit of a dent in that before the day ends.

Happy Back to School Week!

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