Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Survived the Sleepover!

All holidays my little friend P has wanted to hang out. 2 years ago she was a member on my Teen Missions Pre-teen team to Vanuatu.. She also goes to my school (and I taught her 4 years ago). The holidays are almost over (back to work on Monday!!!! Woohoo!) so we decided to play games at my house...which then turned into a sleepover. And she decided to bring a friend.
After the many many many many...many texts from this particular 12 year old (about what nail polish she should bring, what we would eat for dinner, and could I invite all my friends with babies to come...[]) I wasn't super excited about it. But it ended up being a fun night!

We ate thai... and cheese naan.
We played Mouse Trap, Break the Safe, Pass the Bomb & Simpsons Monopoly (their attention span was thin by the time we got to that game... they spent the whole game swapping their $100 notes for $1s and $5s...)
We built a gingerbread house (why not)

Haha! It was terrible! But we had fun!

We made mock-tails...

P added the redness & also the sugar... it was a little excessive! So sweet... and also sour! My eyes were watering!

We then spa-ed our feet, ate chocolate and watched a movie (they brought Charlie St Cloud with them... not the best movie for watching with 12 year olds. P spent most of the movie asking "why?: and "what?" and "who?" and "how?" and then just laughing hysterically for no reason).

At 12 I went to bed. Such a party pooper! They apparently watched Suddenly 30 twice after that... but I have serious doubts. They were both asleep at 8:30 when I got up and the movie menu screen was playing over and over.

It was a perfect girly sleepover (next time I'm choosing the movie). Good times!

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